They Say You Can’t Choose Your Family, But I Sure Did

You may hear that nothing new ever happens in Kutztown. Some people like it that way. There is something to be said for that nostalgia that hits every time you return home after an extended absence. The familiar faces, the familiar sights, the familiar food. It’s a comfort that I used to long for when I lived miles away in both San Francisco and Miami.

I used to be one of those people that liked Kutztown just the way it was.

But then I moved home and the familiar started to become the mundane. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the familiar faces, the familiar sights, and the familiar food…but now I was hungry for more. I wanted the best of both worlds – the nostalgia of Kutztown and the variety of the city. And then, as if someone was reading my mind, things started to happen. Saucony Creek Brewing Co. showed it’s face to the world, the K’town Pub got a facelift and updated menu, the Kutztown Community Partnership brought back the Kutztown Kruizz, The Publishing House created pop up shops and open mic nights, the Allentown and Auburn Railroad started running train rides again. This list could go on and on.

The town is starting to change, but is doing so in such a way as to celebrate the deep roots of this town and it’s culture. Some may attribute it to the success of the Kutztown Bicentennial celebration and the morale booster it created. And those people may be right, but for me, its even more. Kutztown is a family and through all of the years that I have lived here and all of the people I have seen come and go, that fact has remained true. Stop in any shop and chances are, you will likely speak to the owner of that store. Strike up a conversation and you will have a list of 5 more places you must visit before you leave town and a multitude of tips and secrets on how to experience Kutztown like a local.

Because the truth is, we want you to feel like family, too.

So do yourself a favor and come meet our family. There is no better time to visit Kutztown than when the weather is perfect and you can enjoy everything that this town has to offer. Trust me, we have something for everyone.

Your “Getting Sentimental” Innkeeper,


Visit Kutztown Community Partnership’s calendar of events for a full listing of everything happening in and around Kutztown.

When it Rains, it Pours…or in our case, Leaks!

Well, Labor Day weekend has officially come and gone meaning the unofficial end of summer is upon us. I hope most of you spent the weekend relaxing at the beach or barbecuing poolside in your bathing suits. It was the perfect weather to enjoy one of the last swims of the season. We had the opportunity to enjoy a splash or two, although, not in the way we had hoped. It was Friday morning around 9am and it was a rather slow day so I figured I could relax a little and enjoy some of the Labor Day weekend. Before I ducked out early for the day, I made myself some bacon and an egg sandwich on a bagel. I had just sat down at the dining room table and began eating my bacon when out of nowhere, a drop of water hit my plate.

At first, I was confused but it only took one more drop for me to look up and quickly see the water ring around the light and panic immediately started to set in. I jumped up and quickly turned the lights off and then frantically ran up the steps to the second floor Frey Suite where I found about an inch of water on the bathroom floor and the ceiling ballooning down under the weight of the additional water coming from above. I ran upstairs to the Deisher bathroom which is directly above the Frey, but much to my surprise, no water anywhere. I officially had no clue where the water was coming from, but boy was there a lot of it.

I then called my mom, but no answer so I tried my dad…also no answer. Panic was definitely growing as the water started to show in other parts of the dining room. Both plumbers that I called couldn’t come until the afternoon. So, there I was, water everywhere, no clue where it was coming from and no idea how to turn the water off. Probably should have went over that before I fully took over, but of course you overlook these things until they matter. I continued to try to get ahold of my parents and decided to use the towels we had just taken out of rotation to attempt to soak up the water from the Frey. While doing so, I heard back from my parents and they talked me through turning off the water. Which is no easy feat. There are about ten handles sitting around the same meters controlling water flow from all different directions. I opted to just turn as many as I could to pretty much guarantee that I got the right one. With the water finally turned off, my panic started to settle a little bit. My dad was on his way and being that Papa C (most of you know him as Angelo) is a contractor, I felt safe in knowing it would soon be under control.

And it was. My dad some how managed to get the plumber here even though he told me he couldn’t make it until the afternoon. The leaking pipe was found after cutting through some drywall and replaced shortly thereafter. And after letting everything dry, my dad put in new drywall and spackle. It still needs to be painted this week as the painter couldn’t come until then since this all conveniently happened over a long weekend. But for the most part, the place is back to normal and it is as if nothing ever happened. Although it did…it definitely did. And the pictures below will show it. I guess you can’t say there is ever a boring day in the life of an Innkeeper. 

Until next time…

Your “Coming to Work From Now On with My Rainboots and Umbrella” Innkeeper,